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Policy of quality of Tehran' villages' water and Sewage Company

rural water and sewage company of Tehran province with duty of achievement of determined purposes in part of country 'water and sewage and desire of securing the water in level of Tehran' villages has explained its policy in frame of below topics clearly and all personnel of the company with full awareness of its contents oblige themselves to keep and perform it.
  • A: promotion of satisfaction of customers and attention to beneficiary needs
  • B: development of service scope in the province
  • C: promotion of quality level of on service presenting
  • D: promotion of competence level of human resources
  • E: Promotion of culture of water 'optimal consumption in the society
So quality management system according to ISO 9001-2000 has been planed and established and with attention to continued improvement and effect of quality management system in the organization and with interest to below strategies the policy will be achieved.
Special attention to human resources as firm 'main capitals and using from their partnership in direction to improvement and effectiveness of quality management system
Use of knowledge and related technologies with water and sewage industry in direction of company' process.
Observation and full execution of the firm' rules and regulation
Special attention to customer needs and the other beneficiary plans and their securing during process of creation of the services.
Use of partnership of all personnel for improvement of effectiveness of quality management system.
Designing, creation, establishment of firm' process and true execution and controlling of their suitable supervision.
Special attention to continued improvement rule.
Establishment of welfare and exciting facilities for employees
Use of equipments and installations
To standardize the activities and process of village' water and sewage firm in Tehran province.
So quality policy of village' water and sewage firm in Tehran province has been notified in whole of the organization and for accusation of confidence in compatibility and proportion with current condition will be reviewed.

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