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Description of function of observation office on water and sewage plans

  • First examination of the contract, determination of resident observer and best observer and sending the contract to the city and formation of file
  • Performing process of delivering to contractor
  • Taking plan permit through township
  • Observation on performing the project, plans and approved programs and presenting records as detail or periodical from performing developments
  • Performing the examination process of meeting list of increasing and decreasing of work amount temporary and fixed delivering of projects and communications
  • Consideration and presenting necessary request in the field of performing the projects
  • To Consider and confirm of conditions and physical development of projects.
  • To analyze the result of the laboratory
  • Justification, explanation of special technical issues of plans before performing and accomplishing the possible reformation during the performance
  • Observation on performing operation of the project and consideration of operation of observers
  • Formation of the meeting for removing the problems and projects 'obstacle
  • Consideration of condition of approved and performed and if necessary presenting the request to researches office
  • To assist with visitors and presenting the record to authorized and presenting the report to authorized organizations
  • To persistent allocation and requesting of distribution
  • Performing other related affairs and connected delivered from superior position
The most important activities of water organization without revenue
  • 1. to distinct amount of produced water by installation of voluminal counter.
  • 2. to distinct amount of consumed water by installation of participants' counters.
  • 3. To manage reformation of distribution networks and transition from the view of quality of applied products.
  • 4. Prevention of wasting the water from storage with installation of Flow meter
  • 5. Prevention from wasting the expenses
  • 6. Increasing the revenue
  • 7. Installation of suitable equipments for wells and reducing the expenses
  • 8. Installation of valves with ability to reduce the pressure in networks
  • 9. Other cases

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